The idea for Earl's Signature Sauces started when my barber recommended I watch a well known series on YouTube. After bingeing  all the episodes, I decided that I really wanted to make some awesome hot sauce. I wanted something different than the normal grocery store stuff, and to have some fun (mostly for fun more than anything). As a cooking enthusiast who has made countless BBQ sauces over the years, I was ready to take on hot sauce. After a few trials with flavours that I have come to love, I came up with my first sauce.


The sauce was really well liked by friends and family, so I decided to bottle a few jars and see if I could sell it solely by word of mouth. I first purchased some "nice" jars from a discount store only to find out that the lids leaked. After that I went to a bottle distributer to try to get a dozen or so bottles. Turned out the minimum wholesale order was $100, so next thing I knew, I had made almost 200 bottles and there was no turning back!

Over the next few months, I created a few other varieties, and pulled out some old tried and true BBQ sauce recipes. I eventually ended up selling the sauces at The Alderney Landing Farmers Market, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and they were a hit!


From that point on, I've been the sauce guy, bouncing around various markets and trade shows. Now my sauces are available at multiple retail locations and have been used by various chefs in restaurants around Halifax. 


Oh....and no, my name is not Earl. He is my dog. My name is Charles.